Is hardwood sanding, staining, and finishing a Do-It-Yourself job?

Can I do it myself?

With few exceptions:

“I really couldn’t do that, because this type of work requires an apprenticeship, where a person learns through theory and practice over an extended period of time under the tutelage of a professional. This is not DIY work.” 1

“You would actually save money and your floors by hiring a professional.” 2

“I would suggest calling in a professional with pro equipment. It would save you hours of grief.” 3

” If you want a professional job, call a pro.” 4

“Honestly, you need to hire a professional. It takes a lot of practice on the job to become efficient at working the equipment, knowing which abrasives to use and on it goes.” 5

And after a hundred hurried questions sent, after the fact someone has taken their floor job into their own hands with disastrous results, a rant:

“Answering your question is so involved and detailed, it is much easier to say ‘hire a professional’. This is not DIY work. If this work is so easy that anyone can do it, why have I invested over $30 grand on equipment and still find the work sometimes ominous after 33 years? So, how do you think you can do it, even if I try to walk you through anything? I really don’t mean to be rude, but since I have invested so much of myself to make this my living, how can I spend lengthy periods trying to walk someone through the job who is trying to save money? What you don’t understand is that you are now using me and my time to save money on a job you have started and now realize is not quite as easy as you thought it might be.” 6

If you want to avoid terribly sanded floors that look like a cheese grater was used to buff them…

If you want to avoid an uneven stain job, perhaps with spots that didn’t even pick up any color because not all the poly was sanded off…

If you want to avoid a sticky situation of stain not drying or poly bubbling or peeling up…

If you want to avoid joining the long list of DIY horror stories at Wood Flooring

And most of all, if you want beautiful hardwood floors,

Please hire a reputed professional! Avoid a DIY hardwood floor disaster!