Sanding floors

Q: I sanded my living floor over the last two days. Last night I scrubbed the floor to prepared for putting the finish on this morning. I woke up to a disaster. There are areas where the wood looks like it’s dotted in black. Also, a ring where the pail was. Continue reading Sanding floors

Loop marks

Q: I have a new-found deep appreciation for people who work with wood. Here’s our problem: My husband and I have a very tight budget and scraped together the money to install wide plank pine floors. Continue reading Loop marks

Oak floor underneath

Q: I have recently moved into a house which has 1930’s vinyl flooring throughout the ground floor. I had pulled this up and found underneath some sort of board- hammered down with hundreds of nails. I have managed to pry some of this board up with a crows for and a mallet but it is very hard work. Is there an easier way? Continue reading Oak floor underneath

Restoring old painted hardwood floors

Q: I am purchasing a home that has painted hardwood floors. The home is nearly 100 years old, and I have no idea what type of wood it has or how many layers of awful paint have been added to the natural wood. Is there hope for restoring this floor to its natural wood? Continue reading Restoring old painted hardwood floors

Streaks from mopping or vacuuming on sanded floor

Q: My husband and I took off the carpet, nails, etc. This past weekend my husband and dad sanded the floors, vacuumed the dust up with a shop vac and then used a damp mop to wipe up remaining dust. The vacuuming and mopping in some parts or the room were done against the grain because at the time we didn’t think it mattered. Continue reading Streaks from mopping or vacuuming on sanded floor

DIY Install of bamboo floor

Q: I am installing a bamboo floor that is 5/8″ thick. I cannot find any place near me that rents an air powered flooring nailer (or shims to adjust a 3/8″ or 3/4″ ) to accommodate 5/8″ thick flooring. How should I install it? Continue reading DIY Install of bamboo floor

Added coat of polyurethane without abrading existing finish

Q: I have a 3/4″ oak floor 10 years old with a oil base ******** Polyurethane. I have lived here since the floor was installed and no wax has ever been used. Cleaned only with damp cloth of water and vinegar. Recently I cleaned floor with damp thinner cloth and about two hours later I applied a coat of the same Polyurethane as original used and a second coat six hours later. Continue reading Added coat of polyurethane without abrading existing finish

Lots of repairs

Q: My newly uncovered 125 year old 5/4 inch pine plank floors have some high and low undulations. Also,clearly someone used a sander on the floor and removed some but not all the paint before putting on a linoleum floor. There are many random spots with some paint that remains. Continue reading Lots of repairs

Salvage a nailed and stained floor

Q: We have clear fir wood floors that we discovered under old shag carpet in our old farmhouse. In some places it is beautiful, but in our living and dining rooms there is glue and paint stains. The worst part of it is they filled the floor with nails (apparently to silence squeaking) before carpeting. Continue reading Salvage a nailed and stained floor

Paint and putty

Q: I have a friend who is in the final stages of building her home, she was basically her own general contractor. The hardwood was started before the drywall was up so when the drywall was installed and the ceilings textured a lot of the paint and putty ended up on her unfinished hardwood. We know that scraping and sanding will take care of the putty but someone has told her that the paint and primer will be difficult to remove since it has probably soaked into the wood. Continue reading Paint and putty