Is Swedish finish for hardwood floors toxic? 3 Answers

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Q: My builder’s wonderful flooring company installed red oak hardwood floors on the whole main floor of our house and now I hear that Europe banned the Swedish finish used on our floors almost 20 years ago. I need to know if Swedish finish for hardwood floors is toxic; if there’s a health risk. And is there a finish I can apply over the Swedish finish in order to seal in the gassing off?

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Removing lead paint from 200-year-old wood floor

Q: On the second floor much of the hardwood floors are painted very bright and vibrant colors. It is expected below the layer of paint that the previous owners painted, is lead paint ( or the hardwood floors were painted with lead paint some years ago). So it seems the floors were painted a few times at least over the years. My wife and I really like the look of the original hardwood like is on the first floor. We would like to remove the paint from the second floor.

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Lingering odour afters floors refinished

Q: We recently bought and renovated our first house. We had the hardwood floors refinished using polyurethane stain. It has been about 11/2 weeks since the floors have been finished they are all dry and our furniture is moved in. I am 8 months pregnant and concerned with the lingering smell from the floors. How long is the polyurethane considered toxic for?

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“Are Homes Toxic?” Vocs inside…


My husbands cigarette box, courtesy the government, lists a handful of ingredients: Tar, Nicotine, Carbon monoxide, Formaldehyde, Hydrogen cyanide, and Benzene. There are probably more to list, but the flap is only so big. Many families with smokers have taken measures to keep their children (or themselves) away from smoke. They take it to one ventilated room, take it outside, or for the ultimate and only full protection they wisely abandon smokes forever.

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Flaking finish toxic to children?

Q: After we moved in to our home, we noted that our “nice” wood floors began to flake clear/yellow thin layers. I assume the previous owners put polyurethane over wax. We are looking into redoing them. In the meantime, we have a crawling child that gets these flakes on his hands and puts them in his mouth. Is there a toxic potential here?

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