Pine with dogs

Q: We recently purchased a home with wide pine flooring. We love the look, but we also have 2 dogs and their nails have gouged and taken off the finish in certain areas. Continue reading Pine with dogs

Finishes containing aluminum oxide

Q: How do you feel about the durability of water-based finishes containing aluminum oxide? my installer wants to use it, he says he will use 3 coats, or I stick with an oil based poly. The less fumes and recoat time is appealing to me. Continue reading Finishes containing aluminum oxide

“Gymnasium Finish”

Q: We purchased our home ~6 years ago and the former owners said that the hardwood floors had a “gymnasium finish”. From what I’ve been able to find this means a penetrating oil finish. What is the best product to clean and buff this type of floor? Continue reading “Gymnasium Finish”

Sealing with tongue oil before applying poly

Q: We think we want wide plank flooring w/o a polyurethane finish. The manufacturer has recommended sealing with tongue oil after staining. Continue reading Sealing with tongue oil before applying poly

Choosing oil or water-based urethane

Q: I’ve contacted a few hardwood refinishers in the Winnipeg area to do the birch floors on the second floor of my house. I’m uncertain whether to go with an oil or water-based urethane. Some contractors say they only do water-based, others say that they have not been happy with the results of water-based urethanes. Continue reading Choosing oil or water-based urethane