Squeaky spot around vent in laminate

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: I just purchased a house that has laminate floating flooring (tongue and groove, glued) installed on the 1st floor. There is an area where the floor seems to have bowed. It squeaks when you walk over it. The area is located at a side entrance/exit which connects the house and garage, and at the foot of the entrance way. There is an air vent in the floor. (The house has Central Air and Air conditioner.)

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Boards are hollow, not glued down properly

Q: I built a new home last July. We have had ongoing problems with our engineered hardwood floor. Two certified inspectors state that the floor was installed improperly. 3100 sq. ft. Every single room has boards that are hollow, not glued down properly. Will these eventually pop since they aren’t glued properly? The builder says he sees no problem. Sure.. he didn’t pay for the floors!

A: I think it would depend

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