Laminate flooring and gaps around door

Q: I recently installed laminate flooring throughout my home. Upon completion of the project I realized that I had some gaps around my door frames. After some further investigation I realized that I should have used an undercut saw to take off the bottoms of the door frames so the floor could go underneath. It was too late however as the floor is already down. Continue reading Laminate flooring and gaps around door

Removing glued down laminate flooring

Q: I’m into a project removing glued down laminate flooring. How do I remove cheap, laminate, wood flooring from my foyer and hall way? It is glued down rather randomly throughout the space and is extremely difficult to tear out. Is their a product that will remove the glue and make this job a bit easier? Continue reading Removing glued down laminate flooring

Installing laminate over hardwood?

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors:  I have a hardwood floor that is not level. It is level in the center but when you go towards the sides it is not. I was wondering what I could do to get this floor level so I can put a laminate floor down. Continue reading Installing laminate over hardwood?