Air bubbles spreading under laminate floor

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: We put laminate snap together flooring throughout the entire 3200 sq. ft. house. The house is only a year old. There are several areas that have huge air bubbles under the floor. How do I get the floor to lay flat? Some doors won’t even open unless I stand on the bubble while pulling the door open. It is happening all over the house now. Continue reading Air bubbles spreading under laminate floor

Different sheen room to room

Q: I have had trouble with a flooring company. They pushed to do a job quickly, said it could be done in two sections in two days. Now I have two different colors or sheens on my flooring. I told them I wanted satin finish. They used Absco Grandgray label which is semi gloss. They said it will be a satin finish.

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Third coat is messy

Q: Hoping for some advice based on your experience. Here are the details – New floor, 7 1/4″ engineered Fumed White Oak (no bevel), nailed and glued. Professionals were hired although their experience with oil polyurethane was limited. They finished with ****** Poly 500 matte (we specified the finish as the matte with 8-10 luster rating was desired).

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Clear coat peeling off prefinished flooring

Q: I have prefinished wood floors that were installed about 3 months ago. In areas where a board had to be ripped to fit, the clear coat (finish coating) is peeling back. This has also happened in the few places where the last board was nailed in. The clear coat is pulling back around where the nail was shot in.

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20 Hours after applying, sealer is still tacky

Q: We sealed our refinished pine floors last night. It’s been 20 hours and sealer is still tacky. We used Polyplaz. On the stained oak floor the sealer is very damp.

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Sprucing up floors when selling home

Q: I have tigerwood floors. The ground floor was re-done just before we moved in, 7 years ago, by the seller. It now shows extensive peeling, scratches easily with just fingernail, and painters tape seems to pull off the finish completely. Clearly it was done incorrectly, as the upstairs is very resilient to scratching. I know it needs to be re-done, ideally sanded and coated.

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Washing machine leaked

Q: I live in a 10 year old condo with engineered (oak?) flooring. My washing machine was leaking for likely weeks or even months. I did not realize it until water started coming up through the floorboards in hallway nearby. I dried it out as quickly as possible, but cannot know duration of leak. The wood floors were slightly discolored with small gaps between few boards.

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Chinking between gaps in cypress plank floor

Q: We have a 30 year old cabin in the mountains. It has Cypress floors installed with up to a 1/2″ gap between each length wise. I am assuming this is because there is no HVAC and temps inside may vary between ~20 deg and 80 deg F. Problem is in the kitchen where food and liquid can spill I’d like to seal the gaps.

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White spots on floor

Q: I have Douglas fir floors in my upstairs bedrooms, and in two of the rooms I’m getting milky white spots all over the floor. They look like water stains, but I don’t think they are, because they’re all over the place. I put a dog bed by the window in the master bedroom about 3 months ago, and the spots are the worst around the dog bed, you can see where the bed has been sitting.

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