Brown paper floor

Q: I am doing my craft room floor with the brown paper. I applied stain on part of it but today it is still tacky. I may not have waited long enough to wipe the stain off. Maybe because of using Elmer’s glue and water? It looks great, just tacky.

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Air bubbles spreading under laminate floor

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: We put laminate snap together flooring throughout the entire 3200 sq. ft. house. The house is only a year old. There are several areas that have huge air bubbles under the floor. How do I get the floor to lay flat? Some doors won’t even open unless I stand on the bubble while pulling the door open. It is happening all over the house now.

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Different sheen room to room

Q: I have had trouble with a flooring company. They pushed to do a job quickly, said it could be done in two sections in two days. Now I have two different colors or sheens on my flooring. I told them I wanted satin finish. They used Absco Grandgray label which is semi gloss. They said it will be a satin finish.

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