Flexible clear coating other than polyurethane

Q: I’m restoring a 120 year old barn that has 1×12 rough cut CVG floors. I’m repurposing it for a wood shop and office. I plan on sanding then sealing the planks with a clear, heavy sealer so it looks like a gym floor. Should I use polyurethane or would you recommend something else?

There may be minor movement in the flooring although every board has been screwed down. Is there a clear sealer that allows for a little flexing?

A: I think oil based coatings have a bit more flex than water based.

However, there are water based sealers which are designed to prevent conditions like side bonding and panelization.  Or you could apply multiple coats of an oil finish such as Waterlox.  It doesn’t off the same tough protection as polyurethane but is much easier to touch up.

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