Dull floor under throw rugs

Q: I recently got my hardwood floors refinished; sanded and polyurethaned. I put some throw rugs in my kitchen by the sink and stove. They have only been in place a few short months. When I picked them up and to mop the floor I noticed that the areas under the rug have no more shine to them. It’s almost as if the rug may have left a dulling residue.

I use bona floor cleaning products, but when I go over those areas they don’t even seem to penetrate the sections. The shiny sections get more shiny but the areas under the rug look like they’re not even absorbing the cleaner. Should I not using those rugs without a pad? They are only Target throw rugs. How can I restore the finish to its original luster?

A: It does sound like your rugs are either leaving a residue or are actually rubbing on the finish and slowly wearing it away.  I’m thinking this is most likely what is happening.  The cleaners do not penetrate the finish.  They remove contaminants sitting on the finish.  This is why I think the finish is being worn off. 

Some type of underpad should be used.  To try to fix it, the affected boards would need to be thoroughly sanded, but not all the way through to the wood, but scratched up and another coat of the same finish applied.

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