Stepped in wet finish and left a sneaker print

Q: I completely sanded and stained by living room floor. I then laid down one coat of polyurethane and surprisingly, as I am a first timer, it looked great. I put a second coat on, but then I accidently stepped on a couple of wet areas with my sneakers. I tried to roll it out and thought I did. But after it dried I could see the sneaker print.

I tried to sand it out and refinish, but it still looks blotchy. I don’t know if I have to sand down to bare wood and stain and finish again. I don’t want to have to do the whole floor over after most of the floor came out very good.

The good news is most of the blotches will be under an area rug, except one.. How to fix this?

A: Well, you have to sand out the mark from the footprint and apply more finish.  I would tape of the area to be touched up and stay inside that area.  After applying the finish, remove the tape.

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