Finishing with Bona

Q: I am using BONA products to finish pine stairway. Should I use a sealer first and if so which one?

I sanded with 80 grit, then wet the wood to raise the grain, then sanded with 150 grit. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

A: I haven’t used Bona finishes in many years.  Traffic is their flag ship finish.  It is expensive.  Go by their recommendations, found at their web site for that product. 

I would think a sealer is a good idea because it will be less expensive and will allow you to gain a good and smooth end product.  Any grain raise will occur with the coat of sealer which is easily knocked down.  Then you can apply 2 or three coats of Traffic, if that is what you choose to use.  If you apply successive coats within their recommended time frame you shouldn’t have to buff between coats.  Just make sure the previous coat is dry before applying another.  We usually used a moisture meter to tell us when that was so. You take readings in a number of random spots and get an average moisture content.  After the coat of finish is dry to the touch take readings again and see what the average reading is.  If it matches you other readings you are good to go. 

Oh, and when applying these coatings make sure there are no drafts or cross ventilation.  These coatings set up fast so you won’t want air blowing on it and making it set faster.

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