Build up of oil soap and filmy greasy prints

Q: I have hardwood floors in my kitchen that have been down for 8 years. I have always cleaned with oil soap. I have never had any issues until about 2 weeks ago! Footprints, dog prints and my son’s wheelchair are leaving filmy, greasy residue. I have cleaned with water, vinegar and water, vinegar and dawn dish soap. The prints are gone but are right back when you walk on it. It gets worse the more you walk on it. I bought Bona, didn’t help, it’s doing same thing. At my wits end. Thank you.

A: It appears to me you have a heavy build up or film of oils on what I assume is a polyurethane coating from the products you are using. There are numerous cleaners on the market which don’t leave a residue and any of them should remove these ‘contaminants’. Poloplaz provides a regular cleaner but also has one that provides more intense cleaning. I would suggest you contact them about one of these products to get you back on track.

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