Brown paper floor

Q: I am doing my craft room floor with the brown paper. I applied stain on part of it but today it is still tacky. I may not have waited long enough to wipe the stain off. Maybe because of using Elmer’s glue and water? It looks great, just tacky.

A: I’m sorry but I don’t understand the process you are involved with.  Could you describe it to me please?

Follow-up: I used the large roll of brown paper from Lowe’s, Elmer’s glue diluted with water. Tear into pieces and adhere to plywood floor. Looks really great but this time it won’t dry. Stays tacky. I tried reapplying stain and let sit a few minutes before wiping off, but still tacky. Any ideas would be great.

A: I honestly don’t know what to say about this.  If this is the craft paper with the wax coating nothing will adhere to it.  If it is more like paper fiber and you applied glue and water it would take a long time to dry I would think.  Why did you dilute the adhesive, may I ask?  I can’t give you any advice since I’ve never heard of this being done and I can’t even imagine it.

Follow-up: Lol. That’s ok. It is actually drying slowly. This is something I found on Pinterest and decided to try it. I’m not sure why is says to dilute the glue, but I tried it in my little storage room and it looked great. So I’ve started the craft room floor. For some reason it just didn’t dry as fast. Taking about 3 days.

I wish I had found you before I sanded and redid my wood floors!  Thank you.

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