Sander marks noticed after stain job

Q: I just had my hall, lounge, and dining room floorboards repaired, sanded and stained. They were in a bad way, with broken boards and gauges, which were all filled or replaced. The job looked like it was being done well.

However, now that it is stained and finished I have noticed areas at the edge where they missed sander marks. And the hall boards are still undulating, highest in the middle of boards.

Are my expectations too high or does this sound like a sub-standard job?

They were highly recommended with good reviews, and were not cheap! This is the first time I have renovated, so I’m not used to dealing with tradesmen. Thanks.

A: It depends on what the marks are, how visible and how many. I’d have to see a picture to give a better opinion.

Follow-up: Pictures sent.

A: I would have stopped applying the stain and scraped those marks out.

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