Magic eraser took finish off

Q: We just got our floors completely redone two months ago. Yesterday a box left a scratch in a very noticeable spot on our floor, and like an idiot, I tried seeing if magic eraser would get the scratch off. It made it worse and I feel like it took some of the finish off. It now looks shinier in that spot and when you look close up it appears a little duller/whiter in color.

If I had the professionals who just came two months ago come back for a spot repair, is there hope to fix this? I would just like it to blend so it’s not as noticeable. I am beside myself that I let this happen to our new floors. The company said it might make it a little better but he can guarantee so. I’m just looking for a little reassurance. Thank you in advance.

A: It’s worth a try to have them stop in for a spot repair. They will likely have to tape off the entire board with the scratch, rub it with sandpaper and apply another thin coat. Then I hope the shine level is the same. I assume they used a satin finish? If so, another option is to gently sand the spot with very fine sandpaper. By very fine I’m talking something like 1000 grit. I think that can be found at Lee Valley Tools. I would save that for an option if their touch-up turns out to be too shiny.

Don’t beat yourself up too badly. Yes, we like new things to stay looking new but at the end of the day, your floors are not a piece of furniture. You are walking on them.

Follow-up: I can’t thank you enough for your response. After getting beaten down for the last 24 hours about this, this was the best thing I’ve heard since it happened. Here is a photo just so you know what I’m talking about. Unfortunately, it goes across the boards. The company is sending out the repairman tomorrow but as I said before, he is making no guarantees and said repairs can look bad and leave shiny marks. I really appreciate the advice if it’s too shiny, as that is something he warned about. Here’s to praying and hoping with everything I have! 

A: Nice floors! He might simply try to touch up those little spots. Unfortunately, there isn’t a perfect finish. They all have pro’s and con’s. I’m sure the guy will do his best. Regardless of what happens, keep in mind that you are walking on the floor and over time the finish will wear and this tiny spot will become less noticeable I believe.

I have seen furniture repair guys come to fix a tiny nick in something. They open up a big kit of coloured markers for the job. It makes it more complicated when the scratch runs across the boards.

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