Glue coming up between boards after 5 years?

Q: We purchased house 5 years ago in Florida that has hardwood flooring laid/glued over tile. It appears in some areas the glue maybe coming back up between the boards. I’m not sure if this is from dampness…? How can I repair it?

A: I’m not sure what to think of this situation. I would not expect adhesive to still be wet after 5 years. Can you carefully trim away any adhesive that pushes above the floor line?

Follow-up Q: Yes. This is what is happening. Looks like glue?

A: Is that sticky? It doesn’t look like any adhesive I’ve ever worked with. I’m almost afraid to suggest this, but have you tried dampening a cloth with mineral spirits and rubbing it? I also know that Bostik makes an adhesive remover.

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