Wide plank flooring and cold, dry winters

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: I would like to know if wide plank flooring would be suitable in the Edmonton, Alberta region, with its cold, dry winters. I am afraid of shrinkage problems (gaps and cracking and warping), but I really like the traditional look of the wide plank. Any advice?

A: To have a successful floor installation, especially in climate extremes, is to acclimate the flooring to the home environment for about a week before installation. Then, when all is sanded and finished, try and maintain an even humidity level, which will prevent, limit and reduce shrinkage or expansion.

A word of caution: the wider the board, the more susceptible it is to expand and contract with accompanying gaps. I have a story from years back when I was working with another fellow. We were installing a 3/4 X 2 1/4 floor in a house on the edge of Scarborough Bluffs, with Lake Ontario facing us. We just took the wood in the house, nailed it down and sanded, stained and finished it within a few days. In 2 weeks the owner called us back because the floor had cupped. We had failed to let the wood adjust to its new environment before installing it. It was obviously dryer than the new environment, and after we installed it nice and tight, it absorbed moisture from the lake and expanded.

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