Bad idea to screw or nail down part of a floating laminate floor?

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: If I may ask one more question. Isn’t it a bad idea, in general, to screw or nail down a floating laminate floor? Doesn’t this defeat the engineered purpose of a floating floor?

A: What is the purpose of floating floors? I have never heard that it has anything to do with expansion or contraction. Rather, it can be installed over a wide variety of surfaces from wood to concrete to tiles of various sorts, since it does not have to be glued or nailed to that subfloor. There are a number of such products that the manufacturer says can be floated, nailed or glued. Products of this nature are becoming so specialized, to the point they even have their own adhesive. If in doubt, consult the manufacturer.

As far as stress points if the floor expands: The homeowner should endeavor to control humidity fluctuations in the home so that there are no wild swings of 30% or more. Also, when installing any wood floor product, leaving a small expansion space around the parameter of the room is essential.

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