Laminate repair is lighter than rest of floor

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: I recently had someone come to my condo to replace a section of my laminate flooring. Once the work was done it became obvious that the new flooring was about two or three shades lighter than the old. Is there any way to darken the new flooring without replacing it?

A: As you indicate, the “patch” repair that was done is significantly lighter than the original floor. I have a couple of questions. Did they use the same product to match your floor? Is this a real wood laminate or a “countertop” type of surface with a wood-look “picture”? If it is the same product and is real wood, then perhaps just letting exposer to sunlight do the job will be all that is required.

If they did not use the same product, and this is a wood laminate with a real wood surface that is thick enough to be sanded and finished, then you could likely get an exact color match done at a good paint store, such as Cook’s Paint and Wallpaper on Danforth Ave., and have the area carefully sanded and finished to match the existing. You likely won’t get an exact match, but close enough that the spot does not jump out at you.

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