How do I remove linoleum adhesive from my risers?

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: I just had my house sanded and refinished last week and ran into a problem. The risers on my steps have adhesive on them from linoleum I ripped up. How can I remove this stuff from the risers?

It was also on the steps and he sanded that all of, but the risers he could not do. I was told to use a scraper and buy some adhesive remover and let it sit for 15 mins and this should work. Can you tell me what you would do?

A: I would probably do what the guy who sanded your steps did. My suggestion is to contact someone like Armstrong, who are major vinyl manufacturers and ask them how to remove the adhesive. My honest view is that it won’t be done, but you may as well ask someone who knows the chemical property of the adhesive used for that product.

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