Air bubbles spreading under laminate floor

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: We put laminate snap together flooring throughout the entire 3200 sq. ft. house. The house is only a year old. There are several areas that have huge air bubbles under the floor. How do I get the floor to lay flat? Some doors won’t even open unless I stand on the bubble while pulling the door open. It is happening all over the house now.

A: Is it possible that you have a moisture problem in your house and the panels have swollen? I don’t believe manufacturers recommend installing this product over existing hardwood flooring. there is also a specification regarding how flat the floor needs to be which you are installing over. If there are depressions, you can use, for example, building paper to fill and level the depression. But if their are humps in the floor, it is hopeless.

Best guess, if this is happening all over your floor area, and it wasn’t like that when you first installed it, you have moisture from someplace. You will likely loose the entire floor. But, that is what insurance is for.

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