Wood bleach to get rid of deep dark stains?

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: I just bought an old home built in 1915 which has ‘vertical fir’ flooring under years of multiple coats of differing color paint as well as a glue which was used to adhere felt under a rug, I suppose. We removed most of the layers of glue and paint, but the floor seems to be deeply stained by the darker paints from years and years ago.

We first used acetone to remove the glue, then Jasco to remove the layers of paint. Then sanding w/coarser grain (50 / 60) and used a professional floor belt sander. Now we’re attempting to finish it using 80 and 120 sandpaper and a smaller belt sander but there are still stains on some planks and splotched throughout the floor.

The clear vertical fir is gorgeous but there are darkened areas throughout. More sanding seems a little dangerous as we’ve done quite a bit of that already.

I wondered if using a little wood bleach just brushed lightly and removed quickly might remove the discoloration which seems to have penetrated deep within the softwood.

A: No suggestions, really. I would be surprised if you could come into possession of “real industrial wood bleach” a 2 part product that is very dangerous stuff. I haven’t used it in years, and last I heard it was not available. It eats the wood.

You may have to live with the dark areas. Do you mean black spots or dark brown areas? Could it be resins in the wood that are looking darker? If so, you don’t want to remove them.

Apply at least 3 coats of good quality oil based polyurethane. I use Circa 1850 Bowling Alley polyurethane. www.circa1850.com.

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