Preventing douglas fir from oxidizing and turning orange

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: I have a newly laid douglas fir floor. I would like to prevent the fir from oxidizing and turning orange. I have been told to use a water based polyurethane finish. I’m afraid that in a few years the wood will still turn orange. Do you know about bleaching the wood to prevent this change in color?

A: I have no experience with Douglas Fir. However, it seems to me the best option is a water-based finish. There are some excellent ones on the market. I would suggest you go to and make an inquiry. They are a major water base manufacturer. Their Street Shoe product is tough as nails and fast cure. You may get a reply from Mark Culbertson, whom I have found very engaging and helpful.

Since they have tested their products on numerous woods, including exotic brands, your best answer will come from them.

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