How to disinfect wood floors

Q: I would like to know the best way/product I can use to sanitize/disinfect my sealed hardwood floors.

A: Before I (the lowly webmaster) paste his answer – I’d say have everyone take their shoes off at the door. Also, I couldn’t find a link for his information and because so much BS is flying around I’ll just say rubbing alcohol is SAFE to use on polyurethane finished wood floors. Usually, it’s about 25% or some other fairly low % of the cleaning product; so, you’ll have to check with the CDC or whomever on what % is currently recommended for destroying COV-18.

Vinegar won’t dissolve the fats surrounding the virus. And I have no idea what to recommend if it’s a wax floor. Besides taking those possibly contaminated shoes off.

You can also disinfect your shoes with rubbing alcohol while you’re at it.

Here’s his reply –

Is this related to this COVID-18 virus scare? Here is some information related to viruses. For wood floors typical, recommended cleaners do contain alcohol which will sanitize the surface. These cleaners cannot be bought at the grocery store. Any local flooring retailer should be able to provide a suitable cleaner.

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