Sprucing up floors when selling home

Q: I have tigerwood floors. The ground floor was re-done just before we moved in, 7 years ago, by the seller. It now shows extensive peeling, scratches easily with just fingernail, and painters tape seems to pull off the finish completely. Clearly it was done incorrectly, as the upstairs is very resilient to scratching. I know it needs to be re-done, ideally sanded and coated.

However, we are selling the place and would like to hold off until it is sold and we can get all the furniture out. In the meantime, is there some solvent or other polish that can make this peeling less of an eye sore. I don’t want to give a potential buyer the wrong impression that this type of wood scratches easily, because if done correctly it is great. Any advice?

A: I wouldn’t apply anything to it. You will just end up applying something that turns a difficult job into a nightmare. I’ve found when selling a house, everything is very subjective. A person could paint their entire house, stain and finish the floors, put in granite counter tops and the buyer would rip it all out and do it differently. Any buyers will be able to see the rest of the house and how the tiger wood looks when it is in good shape.

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