Washing machine leaked

Q: I live in a 10 year old condo with engineered (oak?) flooring. My washing machine was leaking for likely weeks or even months. I did not realize it until water started coming up through the floorboards in hallway nearby. I dried it out as quickly as possible, but cannot know duration of leak. The wood floors were slightly discolored with small gaps between few boards.

I was not going to redo floors, but the change in temp (or progression of rot, mold) has caused further discoloration (grey along edges),larger and more gaps between the planks.

Is there any chance I don’t have to tear out the floors? Too risky?

A: The floor is sitting on concrete and it sounds like you had a significant amount of water. It is probably still wet under the floor and could take quite a while to dry. I don’t think you have any choice but to pull it up.

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