Milky footprints appearing on old floor

Q: About 8 years ago I put an extension onto my lounge room and had matching hardwood floors installed. It was professionally coated with polyurethane. Some time later (months to years) a few foot prints gradually started to appear, not on the new work, but on the old floor next to the new work. They are a milky colour.

I gather that the tradesman had something on his feet that he walked onto the old floor. Any idea about how to get rid of it? I was even considering an auto cutting compound?

A: Is there any possibility wax was used in any of this work? I ask because wax will turn white or spot if it gets wet or damp. I know Poloplaz has a strong cleaner called Tie Tac which will remove contaminants like this. It might even be that their daily use floor cleaner will also accomplish this. If this is an adhesive residue (but can’t think of a reason this would not be seen immediately) then Bostik-Findley has an adhesive remover. It sounds more like a contaminant to me though.

Follow-up: Thanks very much for answering my email. I think you are right about it being a contaminant. I’m sure there was no wax used unless he had it on his shoes from a previous job. I’ll give your suggestions a go.

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