Up-to-date hardwood floor cleaner recommendation – as of 2020

Q: I have new engineered wood flooring and the builder’s cleaning crew used Bona to clean the floor before we moved in. Now there is a dull haze on it that I can’t remove. I’ve tried everything. Can you give me some guidance?

A: I’ve often recommended Bona in the past, but it’s possible the formula has been changed. More recently, I’ve been recommending Poloplaz and I’ve been handing out their cleaner to customers. No complaints.

This may be the last product we ever “recommend” because as of last year we’ve retired our flooring business!

Aluminum ceramic oxide same as polyurethane?

Recent related Q: Is aluminum ceramic oxide coating on hardwood flooring the same as a polyurethane coating on hardwood flooring? And can you use the same cleaner (say Bona for example) on both?

A: The coatings are not identical. Aluminum oxide, ceramic coatings are manufactured to be extremely scratch-resistant. They are much more wear-resistant than top quality polyurethane which is available and used by wood flooring professionals. The floor cleaner you mentioned and others like it are totally safe to use on either.

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