Switching from wax to polyurethane

Q: I have oak flooring in my home. The couple who built the home finished the floor with a product from Bruce called Dark and Rich. It’s a colored liquid wax type product. My wife and I love the floor, however, can we strip the floor down and poly it instead?

The maintenance of the floor is becoming a bit overbearing 15 years in.

A: The floor would have to be sanded to fresh wood and start over if you want to use polyurethane. In that case the bevelled edges and ends will have to be dealt with also. An option might be to consider a Dura Seal product called Renovator which will strip/clean the floor and leave a small amount of protective resin behind.

http://www.duraseal.com/products/maintenance/renovator-cleaner-reconditioner/ I did suggest this product to a lady many years ago whose floors were waxed but too thin to sand and finish. She used it and said it did an amazing job.

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