Bona floor refresher on my new engineered floors? 2 Answers

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Using Bona floor refresher on engineered floors

Q: I wanted to know if using Bona floor refresher on my new white oak engineered floors would dull them? 80% reviews say it’s great 20% say it dulls their floors. How could that be?

Are the 20% doing something wrong? It’s a water base urethane coat, maybe the 20% have oil base finish. Mine have water base poly coat. Any insight would be appreciated.

A: Is this what they call floor polish? A urethane/acrylic blend? I’ve never used it and am very curious how they expect this to adhere to the existing finish without buffing the existing coating first. If your floor is looking beat up, have someone buff it and apply another coat of floor finish. I did get a good chuckle from reading the negative reviews on their web site though.

Applying Bona polish over sealed hardwood floors

Similar Q: Can you apply a polish, like Bona, over sealed hardwood floors?

A: I’m not sure what you mean by Bona polish.  They make water based surface coatings for wooden floors.  So, it stands to reason that what they make can be applied over a ‘sealed’ floor as long as the ‘seal’ is a compatible product and not something such as shellac which generally contains wax.

TL/DR from Webmaster: best call Bona to ask!

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