WD-40 Removed footprints from sticky residue

Q: We had a sealant put on our outdoor patio. Workers walked into our house with sealant on their shoes and left imprints on the Brazilian cherry wood floors. We’ve tried everything and still can’t get the footprints off. Is there anything we can do to remove these footprints?

A: Very doubtful. You could try to sand the affected boards with fine sandpaper and apply a coat. Otherwise, you are looking at a complete refinishing of your floors. I can’t imagine what they were thinking.

Follow-up: FYI, I read the label on WD-40. It said it also removes sticky residue from glue. I used some on the footprints and it took off the shoe imprints on the wood floor.

A: Interesting. Thanks for the tip. You did say it was a sealer on your floor and not sticky adhesive. If it was a sealer or coating that dried, there is no way it’s coming off?

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