Removing a blob of silicone from wood floor

Q: We removed carpet in our living room, with plans to sand and varnish the floors (turned out great in the bedrooms several years ago). Smack in the middle of the floor, there’s a hardened blob of gunk. It’s kind of pink.

We have no idea what it could be – it almost looks like someone dropped a blob of silicone, and let it harden, rather than clean it up.

Any thoughts on how we can get the worst of it off, before we sand? I really don’t want to burn through multiple sheets of sanding paper.

A: Hand scraper, chisel, Xacto knife. If it was silicone it would be a bit flexible. If it was some type of patching compound it would likely crack to bits if you hit it with a hammer.

Follow-up: Seriously? That was so much easier than I was expecting. Thank you!

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