Stain was applied over ceiling and wall sanding dust in grooves

Q: Our builder has applied an ebony Minwax stain to our mahogany colored pre engineered hardwood floors. This was done to cover up all the ceiling and wall sanding dust that had settled into the distressed grooves in the floors. A year later I’m still getting black stain on rags when I clean, and on our socks and feet!

How can I safely clean the stain from the floors without compromising the lacquered finish?

A: That wasn’t a good plan. I would dampen a rag with mineral spirits and wipe it down until there is not more transfer of stain to the rags. You also should pick up some floor cleaner for polyurethane finished floors. There are numerous versions to be found from Wood floor retailers. A few examples are Poloplaz, Bona, Mirage and Basic Coatings. These cleaners remove residue that should not be on the finish and dry rapidly without leaving behind any dulling residue of it’s own.

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