Injectable adhesive products when ‘squeak ending’ products haven’t worked

Q: I just had a new engineered hardwood floor installed, hand-scraped hickory, nailed, not-glued, over foam underlayment. Now I have a number of popping and cracking areas where the subfloor must not be level.

The basement below is unfinished, and we’ve tried some screws from underneath and some ‘squeak ending’ products. None have been very successful.

Wondering if the injectable adhesive products would work for this, and could it be done from underneath to prevent drilling into the top of the hardwood?

A: I can see the adhesive working from below but you would have to inject it and then close over the hole, whether with tape or some other means. It’s certainly worth a try.

Follow-up Q: Thank you so much for your feedback. Do you have any recommendations for adhesive? I’m curious about the DriTac product, or if you have another you could recommend?

A: I’ve never used Dri-Tac but I believe it stays flexible which is a very good thing given that wood does have a tendency to expand and contract. Bostick also offers a similar product.

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