Packing significant gaps between pine planks with rope

Q: I have 36 year old wide pine planks in my log home, 3 bedrooms worth. Many of the gaps have widened significantly (up to 3/8″). I picked out 35 years of gunk, grime, even money, and now have significant gaps that collect everything including making a highway system for the bugs.

Can I fill in the gaps with anything, and if so, what? If not, is there a product I could use in the gaps to keep the bugs out (and not hurt the wood?) Thanks for any info you can provide.

A: You could pack the gaps with rope or twine and if you like, go to the nearest wood floor retailer and buy a bucket of wood filler to fill in over the rope. The rope or twine is like a backing to hold the filler.

These fillers are water clean up so you could wipe any off the surface of the planks with a wet cloth.

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