A few dark spots on newly stained and refinished floor

Q: I just had my floors refinished and a couple of days later, on the top stairs landing, I’m seeing 3 distinct darker spots. One spot is at least 6″x6″. All go across the boards. The guy that did the refinishing said that can happen with old wood. The house was built in 1942. He said he could resand just that area and do it again, but he makes no guarantees they won’t show again.

A: I’m not sure what is meant by darker nor how old this wood is. If it is a black mark it could be a water stain or urine from a pet. One never knows exactly what a very old floor has been through and what has been applied to it over the years which might leave a spot. Your floor guy sounds like he stands by his work and is honest. I would go by his recommendation.

Follow-up Q: (Picture attached.)

A: Was there a pet stain there before the floors were done?

Follow-up Q: No pet stain and the floor didn’t show any issues when in their sanded raw state, before any stain or varnish was applied.

A: Can you tell me exactly what stain brand he used? I’m curious if it was Min Wax which comes in yellow cans. I ask because these stains contain a lot more solvent and if you apply it and leave it to sit it can leave a mark. The one board running across the doorway with very black color in the grain and then a circle around it could indicate this problem.

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