Marks on wood floor from walker wheels

Q: I had to use a walker with wheels recently after surgery. I have marks on my original hardwood floors where I had to walk. How do I repair these?

A: What type of marks do you mean? Scratches? Actual impressions or indentations in the wood? Rubber marks?

Follow-up: They look like scratches from the wheels of the walker. The “path” is much lighter than the actual wood. Only where I walked with the walker. I can’t tell if they are impressions or scratches. They are white in color and you can really see my path.

A: I can’t imagine a good visual of what is going on exactly. If it is rubber from the wheels it might rub off with just a cloth dampened with water or a solvent like mineral spirits or alcohol. If it is finish wear, then a light sanding with fine sandpaper and applying a thin coat of matching finish might help.

Follow-up: This is a good start, so thank you! I was devastated when I realized what was going on, and I have to use the walker another 4 weeks! I’ll give both a try once I can get down and do it. Thank you so much for the input!

2 thoughts on “Marks on wood floor from walker wheels”

  1. I have the same problem with lines from walker wheels..Will rejuvinate florr restoer cove these lines made from the wheels..You can notice lines especially when the sun shines on them..I can’t believe anyone can answer this question ..

  2. I also have lines on my hardwood floors from walker wheels, it only shows white lines in certain lighting it is especially visible when it goes across the grain. I have use tennis ball, baking soda & water,vinegar & water,eraser, rub, rub, then I found your web sight, I’ve tried mineral spirits,alcohol. The wood it self doesn’t seem to be damaged, when you put cleaner on the floor to clean you don’t see anything but shine and beautiful floors but when it dries the lines reappear. My husband is devastated that this has happened Help!!! I wonder if the polyurethane has been damaged there for the lijunes.

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