Removing dog pee stains from stair treads

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: After deciding to go with bare hardwood stair treads, we removed the carpeting only to find that a number of the stair treads have been urine stain-damaged by dogs. The slats on each stair are not random length and therefore we cannot simply remove a chunk to repair it.

With banisters on each stair, I’m not sure how to remove the entire stair tread to replace it, if that is indeed what we need to do. What are we in for?

A: How unusual that this should happen on the stairs! Well, perhaps you could stain them all dark. That would be the cheapest fix as far as I can see. Otherwise, the handrail and pickets will have to be disassembled. You should be able to take care of the handrail in sections. It likely has an iron strip recessed into the underside of the handrail. This, in turn, is screwed into the handrail.

If you are lucky, you may only have to remove the pickets on the affected treads. There will be a screw in this iron strip, now exposed with the removal of the handrail, into each picket. Then you can deal with changing the tread.

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