Did not buffing between coats cause this?

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: We have applied polyurethane to my hardwood floors. After the fourth coat was applied the sheen on the floor dulled. There are random spots here and there that are still glossy, but the rest of the flooring is duller than it was after the 3rd coat. We hadn’t been sanding the floors after every coat, only after the first coat.

I’m wondering if sanding the floors and reapplying another coat will fix the issue?

A: 4 coats of finish? No buffing between coats? First off, piling on coats is not a good idea. 3 coats initially are enough. You have to let the finish off-gas and cure. The more coats you apply the longer you will have a tender coat of finish. Not buffing between coats is inviting disaster. Good chance your finish is going to start chipping and peeling sometime soon. This is why I caution people against doing this work as a DIY project. Did you follow the “spread rate” on the gallon which is usually 500 feet per gallon? Did you stir the finish? What sheen are you applying?

I think I would leave the floor as you have it for a few weeks and see what happens because it is my suspicion you will be sanding this one again. You have done nothing to gain adhesion between coats and more coats, thicker coats are not better. Your final coat is only as solid as what it sits on.

Original / moved link https://faceliftfloors.com/q-and-a/nobuff.php

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