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Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: I would like to find out how much it might cost to refinish my floors after having some renovation done in my home. I added the total feet of the floor that needs to be done, but I’m not sure how to calculate the square footage.

I have a handicapped child and am not sure if we would need to be out of our home at the time also..? The total footage seems to be 80 feet. Please let me know if the time of the refinishing would be a long and the estimate of the price for it. I’m from Rhode Island and need to find someone to do this job fairly soon.

A: It would hardly seem fair to give a price for your job since the cost is no doubt different here. I am in the Niagara area, Ontario. You get the square footage by measuring the length of the room times the width. For example, a 12′ X 10′ room is 120 sq. ft. If you want to be super accurate, then do the measurements in inches. the number of inches long by inches wide and divide by 144.

Staying out of the house depends on whether a water-based acrylic urethane or oil modified finish is used, and how sensitive you may be too it. I use mostly oil modified finishes and usually suggest that anyone with lung problems, or other serious illness or compromised immune system, and the very young perhaps ought to stay someplace else for several days. Better safe than sorry. For the rest of us, very slight exposure to solvents on a one-time basis won’t cause any problem.

Here is an old chart to show cost comparisons between the US States and Canadian Provinces, but the prices may be outdated by now.

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What do people charge for

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: What do people charge for sanding and finishing natural (3 coats, no sealers)?

A: The following is an (outdated) chart we received from Woodchuck (our old supplier) that lists the average prices, in CANADIAN money, charged for sanding and finishing natural in various places in the United States and Canada.

Arkansas $2.79-$3.49 CAN.
Connecticut $2.33-$2.48 CAN.
Florida $3.10-$7.36 CAN.
Illinois $3.10-$4.65 CAN.
Massachusetts $3.88-$4.65 CAN.
Minnesota $4.26-$4.65 CAN.
New Jersey $3.72-$4.11 CAN.
Ohio $3.10-$3.88 CAN.
Vermont $3.88-$4.65 CAN.
Nova Scotia $1.85-$2.75 CAN.
New Brunswick $1.75-$2.75 CAN.
Quebec $1.10-$2.75 CAN.
Manitoba $2.00-$2.75 CAN.
ONTARIO $0.80-$2.25 CAN.

(This Chart was put together sometime between 1999-2002.)

These prices were taken at an approximate average, and may not necessarily indicate the highest or lowest price available.

The American prices reflect an exchange rate of 1.55 CAN.

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Is floor refinishing going to cost thousands?

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: We are buying a 1700 square foot home (approx) which is 30 years old. Underneath all of the carpeting, including the second story of the home, is hardwood flooring. We would like to have the flooring refurbished and were wondering how much money we would be looking at. It is currently a light stain and we would like to have it stained darker. There is a living room, dining room, staircase, and upstairs hallway, together with 4 small bedrooms which we would like to have done. Is this going to cost thousands of dollars or can it be done quite reasonably?

A: Is this going to cost thousands of dollars? Well, yes it is. You have a large area. Hardwood flooring is not like picking up a paintbrush and roller. It takes years to learn how to refinish hardwood floors. Not to mention the cost of equipment. (Estimate of price removed due to the age of question/being outdated.) I don’t use sealers as a base coat for oil modified polyurethanes. Instead, I apply polyurethane with a lambswool applicator, buffed between each coat to assure adhesion.

The first thing you need to determine is if your floors are salvageable. An old 3/8 thick strip floor is good for 2 sandings. It has already been sanded at least once and most likely twice. How much is left? I will be the last person to want you to waste your money. You need to think this through carefully. Hardwood flooring is a great investment in your house. If what you already have is done, then, a 3/4 thick floor will be the way to go.

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