Debris in finish, in just one spot

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: At a doorway, my urethane finish has lots of debris in it. It appears it was not vacuumed or tacked in this area prior to finishing. The doorway leads to a bathroom and it appears the grout crumbled slightly and got into the finish.

Is there a way to clean up at this area without having to screen and recoat the entire floor? The rest of the room looks pretty good. Is there a hand method to remove some of these particles and then buff or touch up this area?

A: If you have end joints in the near area with the boards that are affected, you could gently buff or abrade the entire board(s) involved. Use very fine sandpaper or a small piece of one of the new abrasive pads on the market. Vacuum and wipe up the dust and apply a thin coat of the finish to the boards you have just prepared.

Unfortunately, it is near impossible to prepare a random spot in the middle of the area, and not see where you stop and start. If you do the entire board it is less likely to stand out.

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