Bathroom sink overflowed onto laminate floor

Q: This morning our toddler woke up earlier than us and played with the bathroom sink. The sink overflowed into our bathroom and then leaked down stairs through the ceiling to the kitchen. We had to used over 15 towels and a blanket to wipe it all up. I turned on the fan for both areas and it seems like it all dried outside, but now I am worried about mold under our laminate floor.

Should we replace it? The floors are only 3 yrs old.

A: If you think the water saturated

under the floor also then I would remove it, otherwise, it will take forever to dry out and will likely cause further damage.

If there was that much water and it seeped through the joints I would expect to see evidence of it with the laminate itself. Curling edges. I know some of the high quality laminates such as Torlys have such a great joint that water won’t pass through.

If you see the curling joints or have reason to believe it is soaked beneath the laminate, pull it out. If no damage is apparent, leave it for a while.

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