Small bb sized dents all over laminate floor

Q: My husband and I installed laminate, click-together hardwood floors throughout our kitchen and living room about 8 months ago. I’ve started to notice dozens of small bb sized dents all over the floor. I’d like tip be able to fix it, but mostly I want to know what’s causing it? I’ve dropped a couple things on the floor without denting the floor, so I know it’s durable, but I just can’t figure this one out.

They are mostly by the front door and just in front of the stove; however, I’ve seen them scattered in other spots throughout the floor. Is this something you’ve run across before?

A: I definitely would not expect this from a hard surface laminate floor. This would be the type of mark you might find on a real wood surface from somebody wearing high heel shoes with the rubber bumper damaged and a nail exposed.

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