Stain got all over shoe molding

Q: Our flooring guy used a brush around the edges of our floor for staining. He got it all over my shoe molding which is white.

It’s also way darker along the edge than the rest of the floor. The floor is very spotty, uneven, and has swirl marks. I don’t know what to do. I don’t have money to hire new floor people and I don’t want this guy to come back.

A: I don’t think you have an option but to try and get him back. If he is an honest business person he will see the issues and try to fix them. If the stain is blotchy and there is no finish on the floors yet he can remove most of the stain with an orbital sander for the edges and polisher with sandpaper disc and screens and then stain again. Before staining he should water pop the floor to open the grain. Stain when the water has dried.

As far as stain on the shoe mold, even if tape was applied everywhere there is no guarantee some stain will not creep up under the tape. He should have made you aware of this and he could have made more efforts.

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