Reducing snagging, splinter hazard from cracked planks

Q: I have 2 1/4″ white oak and 3 1/4″ wide clear maple planks that have a handful of splits along the long edges, that form spike-like splinters. These cracks are somewhat clean, but because they form a spike-like point, they are snagging and splinter hazards. Is there some way to ‘micro-glue’ them or at least reduce the snagging/splintering potential?

A: Well, those are a problem you have to deal with for sure. Sometimes it’s best just to break them off and use wood filler.

Perhaps you could use a tool with a thin edge and slightly raise the split wood enough to squeeze some wood glue in. There are tiny air guns that fire 23gage headless pins. You could fire a couple of those in to hold the piece tight until the glue dries. Any wood glue on the floor surface can be removed immediately with a wet cloth.

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