Light (UV?) areas appeared on floor after applying poly

Q: I have just resanded and finished my 15-20 year old red oak floor. We stained it a week before putting on a water based poly, and it looked great before we applied the poly. Once we applied the poly finish, light areas appeared on the floor.

They appeared where the light has come in from the sliding door and windows. Can UV cause the floor to lighten within the week before applying the poly finish? We left the blinds open, but there was only a day or 2 of sunlight during this time. Or is this just a result of years of UV light damage?

I’m not sure I can live with it the way it is, so what are my options? Resand/restain a lighter colour?

A: When the floor was sanded to clean wood did you notice a shading difference?

If you can’t live with what you have the only chance to change it is sand again. I would use a stain which I know dries reliably and quickly such as Dura Seal Quick Coat. if it is a darker colour, water pop the wood first. This means wetting the floor surface to open the grain, allowing better stain penetration. Then start applying finish coats the next day.

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