Spot treating a dent in floor

Q: We recently had our floors sanded and refinished. We used a Bona satin finish (the one with the hardener). It looked really nice and then a coffee cup with metal left a large crescent-shaped dent in 2 boards. My husband has attempted to fix the affected 2 boards by sanding, restraining and applying the topcoat with a stain brush. He is on the 3rd coat and it’s really highlighted.

It does not look the same thickness at all. Is there any suggestion you can give us with spot treating?

A: The finished used was Traffic? Make sure it is well stirred first. Thin coats are generally better and recommended than thick for curing reasons. Waterborne coatings also are not generally considered high build either. That is one way of saying the urethane solids content in the finish is less than an oil/solvent based coating. I would put blue painters tape around the area to be coated. Do the entire boards affected. Lightly sand as needed (an abrasive pad works well for this. Don’t use steel wool). Coat the area enclosed by the tape and then remove the tape before it dries. There is no guarantee you can get an invisible patch with top coats but water-based finishes are generally a bit more friendly in that regard than oil based.

How do we fix a dent?

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: When moving range back after laying hardwood, we found a pressure dent. Is there a fix?

A: It sounds like this is factory finished flooring. You could have the board removed and a new one inserted.

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