Laminate floor brand ID help

Q: Hello! Two years ago, I had a contractor install laminate wood flooring, which he purchased at Home Depot. I had water damage on a few and only need to replace 4 boards. I don’t have a brand name, but I think it’s Mohawk, maybe Shaw. There’s no model number, just a date stamp on the existing boards.

I’ve gone back to several Home Depots and at least 5 different specialty retailers to try and look at samples and can’t find a match. I’ve also ordered several samples from Mohawk and Shaw and have talked to their customer support, and no one seems to know how to help. I recognize these laminate manufacturers don’t always have a perfect match, but I was hoping to at least find a close match.

If I send you photos, do you think you can try to tell me at least the brand (perhaps based on the click lock system)? The boards measure 7.5″ wide x 47.25″ long. I can’t tell if they are 7mm or 8mm thick and there’s no underlayment.


A: I’ve never heard of a laminate that did not require and recommend and require an underlayment or padding. If the stores where you bought the product don’t know, I’m not sure how I can know? You have access to the same web sites as I do. I wish I could help. Did you contact the contractor?

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  1. Im trying to match vinyl flooring. I have SKU I think V081300556 , buy I can’t find this anywhere or a ski that even looks close. Could you help with this please.

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