Staggering wood floors where walls were removed

Q: I am thinking about taking down some walls in the living room, which has beautiful hardwood flooring. Can the gaps on the floor (where the walls used to be) simply be filled in with more hardwood, and entire floor then sanded down and stained to match?

A: Yes, of course you can install flooring to match where the walls have been removed, provided the existing flooring has a thick enough wear surface to tolerate a complete sanding. To have a less noticeable patch every row of boards will have to be individually cut back and staggered (see pics of this here), then new pieces fitted in.

Sometimes the installer originally may have had to change direction when dealing with these walls. If that happens so that the tongue is facing opposite directions on each side of the repair, you may have to simply cut one side straight but stagger the opposing side.

Fill in the gap that removing the wall will leave

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: I am having a wall and doorway separating two rooms with hardwood floors removed. Since the boards run perpendicular to the wall being torn down, I will not be able to blend the boards together. Is there some kind of transition board, maybe 8 inches wide, that I can purchase to fill the gap in the floor that removing the wall will leave? And will that look good or is there a better way to join the two floors?

A: If the flooring on each side of the wall lines up, you can stagger in both sides. Or you can cut one side straight and stagger the other side. Another option is to cut an opening, say 8″ or whatever it may be across the entire room and run the flooring in the patch in the opposite direction to the existing floor. As long as the boards are not the old 2″ wide type, you have options.

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A significant gap between the floorboards

Similar Q: I recently took out the carpet covering my hardwood floors. There was a wall previously removed and there is a gap between the floorboards. Is there a way to fill the void?

A: Stagger the boards on both sides of the void and put in new hardwood.