Glaze applied to floor causing cupping?

Q: I had my 75 year old hardwood oak floors re-glazed with —– by a company about a year or so ago. They are cupping pretty badly. Since there are rooms that weren’t refinished by them that aren’t cupping, I assume the company created the problem.

I’m thinking they were sealed so much on top that they can’t breath any more so what humidity they get from below is not vaporizing as it once did. Is there a way to “strip” the water based poly glaze they used in order to let the floor breath again and possibly flatten out?

A: You will have to have the floors sanded to clean wood. You could likely remove the coating with stripper which would be an awful and time consuming job. And you would still have to sand them anyway. I’m not familiar with the product you mentioned. Is this some miracle do it yourself product sold at a big box store?

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